Current Speaking and Travel Schedule

- Single Talk locally - $700.00

- Single Talk with travel - $1,000.00

- 1 Day Retreat/Conference which includes 2-3 talks - $1,500

- 2 Day Retreat/Conference which includes 3-4 talks - $2,000

- 3 Day Retreat/Conference also 3-4 talks - $2,500

Margaret “reserves the right to yield her rights” so that if the cost is prohibitive, she will be glad to discuss alternatives. Call 940-464-0811 or e-mail to book Margaret or to inquire about resources.

All travel and lodging expenses are to be covered by host church. Margaret Ashmore makes all arrangements through her own travel agent. She is very sensitive to the financial restraints of churches and finds the most inexpensive flight possible. All such itineraries are discussed with those individuals who are planning the retreat/conference so that times coordinate properly. Though there are always exceptions, please try to keep venue within two hours of the flight destination

Churches are more than welcome to record the sessions and make them available to those who request them, after which, we would request the master for her recording library.


“We had the distinct privilege of having Margaret Ashmore as our retreat speaker. I believe in my 20 years of being a Christian I would have to say that she is the BEST women’s retreat speaker, I have ever heard. These sentiments were felt not only by myself but also by all 500 women who attended this retreat. The mixture of Biblical truths, humor, personal experience, and seriousness was perfect in bringing across the message that needed to go forth during the weekend. In addition to her amazing teaching, she also made herself available and personal with my ladies. I appreciated the way in which she gave of her free time to get to know them and love all over them.”
– G. Bertuccini, Calvary Chapel Spring Valley

This year, my reflection has been shaped by a conference I attended last weekend. A woman by the name of Margaret Ashmore was the speaker, and the topic of her lectures was sin. Her talks were definitely sobering and they gave me many things to contemplate. One statement in particular shook my view of the world. Margaret told us boldly, “ We are not here on this earth for our own pleasure. Our purpose in life is to glorify God.” I guess somewhere in the back of my mind, I always knew this to be true. I began to think, how will I have to live differently if I live like I KNOW this to be true?
– Molly Broders - Youth Director Spring Hill Church

margaret ashmore
Training and Service Includes
  • Courses in Nouthetic Counseling by Jay Adams

  • Equipped to Counsel course through Denton Bible and Metro Bible Church

  • Attended Dallas Theological Seminary’s Lay Institute for 4 years

  • Evangelism Explosion (James Kennedy) for 4 years

  • Teacher for Denton Bible Church’s Lay Institute

  • Teacher of women’s studies at Denton Bible Church for 20 years

  • Lay counseling for Denton Bible Church for 20 years

  • Overseas missions: Nepal, India, Africa, Israel and Ireland