Salvation is from the Lord

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A Study on the Book of Jonah
by Margaret Ashmore

4 disc teaching series – $25.00

If I had one shot at discipling a woman, a would teach them the book of Jonah. It’s main Points? 670 times in scripture, we hear the term; “wake up”. This is not only God’s wake up call to complacent Christians but also a warning regarding the dangers of delayed obedience. We also see how a Christian can have strong doctrine and still live out of “self” and emotion. Too, this book zeroes in on the biblical treatment of anger. This counter revolutionary; anti-talk show, anti-secular psychology, anti-rationalism book is “counseling according to God.”

Jonah is unique in that it is a prophetic parable. In all other prophetic books the object is their oracles. Jonah’s oracle is only 5 words long. God is more concerned with His prophet than his prophecy. The condition of his soul, blinded by anger, self-righteousness and pride, and God’s loving discipline of him is what this book is all about.


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